It does not matter much what someone paying says because models of reality have to rely on a priori constants anyway.

A good example is a world atlas - it works very good even if there are no restaurants or similar on it.

Even KYC does sometimes not matter because companies cannot jump over their own shadow and the first sentence written in this comment anyway. This text (https://www.reuters.com/business/german-police-raid-deutsche-banks-dws-unit-2022-05-31/) underlines that opinions of customers make a huge difference.

Moreover change requests of simple customers can put in danger working data models, especially if these collide with a priori constants.

That´s why huge, established software solutions do not need too much end user input anyway.

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Am I the only one not having a problem with the stove knobs? You look two, three times, and remember that. Easy.

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"Requiring you to think is the opposite of good design." ????

Yeah sure. Designers are making everyone dumb and that's what good design is about ....

Good design is about empowering users, not making them feel stupid.

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